Patanjali Gramodhyog Nyas

Ethical, social person financially for the elevation of the country's millions villagers installation 5 January 2011 was the Trust. AND the life of villagers to participate in health as well as economic development as a means to VI to use, with the aim that the money available in the village, at the village level by the use of human and other resources to establish AND Traditional Knowledge Village , art and skills as an industry is changing. The major goal of poverty alleviation Patanjali Village villagers persons and the economically and socially to improve cooperation between villagers AND unity and common purpose, other entities to establish cooperation / collaboration with indigenous products Trsto develop the market. The purpose of the purchase of domestic products VI AND sell, exchange, cooperation, raw materials, collecting and arranging the material to modern means. The whole business of animal husbandry as well as the country's economic growth by adopting villagers in trust to protect bovine animals and the animal health division of nutrition AND has been introduced. Shastrekt to dairy cattle (scientific) AND balanced animal feed (animal feed local cattle could complete needed) with feed supplements (herbs containing calcium, etc.) and animals is to provide Ayurvedic medicines. Patanjali VI made only if all products are high AND the best quality, are also available at reasonable prices, good milk production to take the livestock and the animals are healthy cattle breeders / farmers with economic growth of our agriculture the nation will prosper.

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